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Bruce Woolf This is a small planet where I find more and more things to do. I find myself enjoying these things in the present and not pondering what they could be in the future. Although I don't necessarily look for miracles, remarkable things surely happen which is why I became involved in this holistic field.
Bruce Woolf

I trust Bruce to approach my physical and emotional health concerns with great care and attention. His Shiatsu helps tremendously to lessen my migraines and with endometriosis pain. I appreciate his experience and compassion. I always highly recommend him.
Steffany Zavaleta,
Assistant Manager

After two medical opinions, months of intense pain, and physical therapy that wasn't really helping the problem, I brought my shoulder to Bruce Woolf. My shoulder and back problems had tormented me for years. Just one session made things unbelievably better. I now receive Bruce's treatments as a seasonal tune up. I recommend him with no hesitation.
Kevin Woloshyn, Communications Director

I've been seeing Bruce for 15 years, and plan on working with him the next 15. He's helped ease the aches and pains that come with demanding office jobs and being a serious athlete. Today, I'm a marketing executive with three young children. I'm also a competitive triathlete completing 3-4 races a year. We work together on prevention strategies (stretching, strength exercises), and use Shiatsu and massage to help with pre and post-race recovery. Bruce is highly skilled, intuitive and adapts each session to what's happening in the moment. He's added tremendously to my ability to live fully and stay fit.
John Brine, Marketing

I have been receiving Shiatsu from Bruce Woolf since 2001. It is rare to find a person who perfectly blends compassion, skill and intuition in his practice of Shiatsu. Bruce uses his knowledge and years of study to work with your energy and mental state to heal and revitalize your body. His treatments have made a real difference in my well being. He really is that good.
John Tucker, Attorney

Over the years my knee and back problems came to the point where knee surgery was recommended. Then, I found Bruce Woolf whose extensive knowledge of Shiatsu and kind practice has helped me over come my painful problems.
Beata Schmeller, Documentary Film Producer

Hi! My name is Ron Davis. As a former boxer and amateur boxing coach, I know how important it is to keep your body and mind sharp and in tip top shape. That's why I use Shiatsu, and Sotai Massage. It could mean the difference between winning and loosing. And I whole heartedly recommend Bruce Woolf to my boxers and clients.
Ronald Davis, Boxing Coach

Bruce is dedicated and I trust his opinion on which treatment I need before entering into new projects or performance. Especially if you need deep tissue massage, Bruce is the one to do it.
Joan Bender, Jazz Singer

As a news producer, I'm on call a lot and rarely get a day off. I work in a fast-paced industry, so undue stress and duress can build up in the muscles and nerves, causing a devastating effect to the body. Receiving Shiatsu on a regular basis helps me take care of myself and discover how it feels to relax. Also, with Bruce's encouragement, and the relaxing atmosphere, I find it a welcoming place.
Rebecca Leung, News Producer

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